L-Shape Mobile Tank

  1. 2” NPT Reinforced Pump Connection
  2. 2” NPT Emergency Vent
  1. 2” NPT Fill c/w Locakble Cap
L-Shape Mobile Tank
Material Capacity H1 W1 L H2 H3 W2 W3 Weight
12 340L/75G 25” 29” 48” 16” 9” 18” 11” 200lbs.
12 420L/90G 25” 29” 60” 16” 9” 18” 11” 230lbs.

General Information

HASSCO’s “L” Shape Mobile Tank is manufactured using heavy 12 gauge steel and is designed to support a toolbox. It’s easy to install and engineered to fit most standard truck boxes and cross-bed toolboxes. Tanks include emergency venting and internal baffles to provide optimum stability. These tanks give quick and safe access for your diesel fuel needs and can be ordered with an integrated toolbox.

For the transport of gasoline, see one of HASSCO’s CGSB Approved Mobile Refueling IBCs.


Here are the downloads available for our line of L-Shape Mobile Tank


  • Transfer pumps and meters
  • Integrated Toolbox
  • Powder Coating


  • 340L/75G & 420L/90G