Used Oil Tanks

  1. Lockable Overfill Box c/w debris screen and 2” fitting with suction tube
  2. Emergency Vent
  3. Lift Lug
  4. ULC Label
  5. 1 1/2” Threaded Fitting
  6. 2” Threaded Fitting
  1. Emergency  Vent (interstice)
  2. Vacuum Gauge
  3. 1” Drain
  4. Legs
  5. Steps (on 500-1000gal tanks)
Used Oil Tanks
MaterialCapacity DiameterLength + StepWeight
12 450L/100G 30” 48” 475lbs.
12 1100L/250G 38” 60” 725lbs.
12 1360L/300G 38” 72” 775lbs.
12 2200L/500G 50” 72”+ 12” 1090lbs.
12 4500L/1000G 50” 144” + 12” 2000lbs.

General Information

HASSCO’s double wall tank is ideal for used oil storage! These tanks are an industry proven, cost effective way to store various used products and are built with specific modifications for the collection of such. These ULC approved tanks are made solely for the collection of used oils which can be pumped out as needed. All tanks come with 4 threaded openings, a fill cap, emergency/normal venting and a lockable spill-box with a debris screen for manual dumping. Our double wall tanks come standard with a 340 degree wrap and is continually monitored through the vacuum gauge installed into the head of the tank. All HASSCO tanks are phosphate washed prior to applying a high build metal treatment and two top coats of enviro-smart water based paint. Other coating options such as epoxy and powder are available upon request.


Here are the downloads available for our line of Used Oil Tanks


  • Tank gauges, alarms, heaters and pumping systems
  • Powder Coating
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.


  • Up to 4500L/1000G


  • ULC S652