FuelGuard Barrier Systems

  1. Structural Steel Railing
  2. Bolt Down Plate
  1. Pump Base
FuelGuard Barrier Systems

General Information

HASSCO Industries offers FuelGuard as an integral Vehicle Access Barrier for tanks above 4500L. FuelGuard is built strong, it surrounds and protects the tank but also the equipment attached to it such as pumps, card lock system and stairs. The portable nature of The FuelGuard is such that it can be moved while it is attached to an empty tank. This barrier assembly can be placed on any level surface designed to carry the load with the tank full of product. This eliminates the necessity of installing permanent bollards or erecting walls. FuelGuard is well suited for tanks that are on loan or being leased or placed on leased properties. Other ideal applications include retail fuel dispensing and aviation refuelling stations.


Here are the downloads available for our line of FuelGuard Barrier Systems


  • Powder Coating
  • Various, contact your HASSCO rep for details


  • Completely customizable to your needs